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  • Transport costs are included in the prices - if not further than 60km from Pretoria
  • All poles (eucalyptus - very strong hard wood) are CCA, PWP-F treated.
  • Wood treated PWP-F and with Waxall / Silkwood.
  • Units can be modified to fit your need.

Additions / Add-ons.

Monkey Bars - Wooden.

+/- 1.5m R 850

Solid Bridge.

+/- 1.4m long

R 690

Chain Bridge.

+/- 1.4m long

R 990

Ramp with rope.

+/- 1.5m long.

R 790

Drum with steering wheels underneath one unit.

  R 890

Tyre Tower in colours of red,green, blue and yellow.

+/- 1.5m high.

R 890

Commando Net in frame.

+/- 1.5m high.

R 740

Notice Board (Screwed to Jungle Gym)

The management cannot be held responsible for any injuries.

Supervision of an adult is important when children play on this apparatus.

Inspect the apparatus for any defects before using the apparatus and report.

Only for children under the age of 12 year with a maximum weightof 50kg.

Only 1 child at a time on the slide and a swing.

R 370

Climbing Wall.

+/- 1.5m high.

R 760

Tyre seat of swing - just seat - in blue.

 Seat only.

R 190

Fibre Glass Slide (3m long - hook on 1.5m) 

Stand for slide if not "an add on" to Jungle Gym - R750.00.

With water spout. R2 250

Fireman's Pole.

+/- 2.2m high.

R 740

Single Tyre Swing - (Add on Jungle-Gym)(Swop Single with double+R750).

+/- 2.3m high.

R 740 

Single Tyre Swing - (Loose Standing).

+/- 2.3m high.

R 2850

Double Tyre Swing - (Add on Jungle-Gym).

+/- 2.3m high.

R1 490

Double Tyre Swing - loose standing.

+/- 2.3m high. R2 990 

Balancing Beam.

+/- 2m long + 20cm. from ground.

R 490

Log Ladder


R 470

Sand box under unit (With thick plastic on floor bed).

+/- 1.5m x 1.5m (underneath one house). For bigger sandpit phone Frikkie at 083 357 3463:

R 860

Silika Sand.

30kg per bag. R75/pocket